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Founded in 1994, TAG Talent
(formally known as Ciao! in Texas)
has California, New Mexico,
Texas, and Louisiana divisions.
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Stephen Muccini  
Ht: 5' 10"   Wt: 185   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Hazel

Theatre of the Mind   Dr. Victor Guytan   Ies von Hebal, Director
Sir Reel World   Star   Shannon Hebert, Producer
The Alternate   Agent Donner   Mark Dennis, Director
Dark Menace Films   Lead  
Wish Lift   Star   Jason Smith, Director
Bad Tattoo   Star   Brad Montesi, Director
UTFI-Burnt Orange Films    
Billy The Squid   Star   Ben Foster, Director
Dark Menace Films     Mark Dennis, Producer
The Mechanic   Supporting   Chris Rusch, Director
Do Not Show   Star   Steve Muccini, Director
Angryman Films     Steve Muccini, Producer
Forever   Star   Joshua Tate, Director
Film Ministries     Joshua Tate, Producer
Extraction   Star   Dillon Flannagan, Director
Bear Romeo Productions     Josh Flanagan, Producer
The Package   Supporting   Steve Muccini, Director
Angryman Films     Terry Melton, Producer
Lonely Gun   Star   Mark Dennis, Director
Dark Menace Films     Ben Foster, Producer
First Day at the Firm   Supporting   Remington Dewan, Director

NBC: Friday Night Lights-Season Finale   Supporting   Jeffrey Reiner, Director
    Jeffrey Reiner, Producer
Austin Music Network: Ginger Fringe   Host   Julie Lamb, Producer

AeroGarden   Principal   Cesari Direct
National     Megan Spong
Cici`s Pizza   Featured   Deutsch
AnMed Health   Principal   Giant Pictures
Regional     Ivy Dane

Dell   Principal   SpotEdge Media
Cisco Systems   Principal   Enspire Learning
Dell Professional Services   Principal  
Training Video    
Microsoft   Principal  
Dell Services   Principal  
Dell- Asset Recovery Services   Principal  
Dell   Principal  
Sailtime   Principal   Grant Headifin
Research Point   Featured Extra   Door Number One
Voice Over

Dell   Worlkplace violence background characters  
Educational   Principal   SpotEdge Media
Dell   Narrator  
CD ROM   Principal  

Commercial Acting Workshop   Donise Hardy   Austin, TX
Film Acting Class   Marco Perella   Austin, TX
Special Skills

Athletics:   Billiards, Bowling, Golf, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Racquet Ball, Roller Blade, Roller Skate, Snow Skiing
Music:   Drums, Rock Band
Operate:   Bicycle, Boat, Jet Ski
Team Sports:   Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Softball, Volleyball